Weird At Last, Weird At Last.
I follow you not solely for the wonderful art you make, but it's mostly because you're great person and someone who is surprisingly chill and easy to talk to. You care about other people and want to make others happy. You can be funny when you want to be, and are generally nice to have around. And concerning your complaining: Dude, most of the people here (including me) whine more than Rarity in the incapable hands of the Diamond Dogs.

thank you…

Erp Birb Mel D: Azula-griffon.. if this was directed to me XD

i knew what mel you were talking about, it was just an observation because when you said “mel” it took me a second of “wait i know like 8 mels but only one makes sense here”

Twizz.... let me try to put this in a non-rantish way. you are perfect in your own ways. don't feel like you need to "catch up" because there isn't really much you can do. you shouldn't be sad about not being good enough because y'know what? you are! you are good enough for me, you're good enough for your friends and followers and you're good enough for tumblr. your art is beautiful and I hope that one day you'll see just how awesome you are, because definitely have. (that was a rant oops)

thank you

i do appreciate it

its this kind of stuff i need to hear, i think

i just need so much constant reassurance and i hate that i do but without it i just start feeling like crap

I know too many Mel’s

John Williams - Prologue
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Why do you guys follow me?

This was supposed to be an art blog and now I just post random (sometimes whiny) text posts and reblog shit.


i want barbecue chicken?


I’m laughing too hard omfg twizzimsosorrypleasedonthurtme

u wana go?


I LIL SHIT U WANNA GO get some ice cream or something because its really hot out


hey twizz



hey twizz


You are not a bad person. You have friends and you have cutie ponies. How do I get as many great friends as you have? I wanna have friends too but I really suck at making them D:

i know 

im being selfish i know

if it makes a difference id like to be friends with you im just really awkward

it seems i can make friends, even when i dont want to…but have a hard time keeping them?

i dunno

not the point 

i dunno