I like to draw furry things and magic horses. I'm also 86% Caffeine. I'm the mod of a lot of pony ask blogs that should really update more often.
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i gotta run to class guys so ill answer those few asks when i can

one of them will need more of an explanation so that will probably be answered when i get home in a few hours

ask-daniel-c-webb asked: spoopy doopy


askskylarmod asked: I feel like it's really disrespectful to call you it. Do you prefer she or he? Or something else? Sorry eh.... I'm new to this whole gender spectrum thing....

"It" is usually very disrespectful, but I’ve seen I think one or two people, not on tumblr, who prefer it. 

I’m personally not offended by any pronouns, but I prefer “they” or “ze”.

Singular “they” might be a little weird to get used to, but it seems to be the easiest for people to remember.

Ze pronouns would work like this:

Ze replaces “she/he” (Ze draws ponies.)

Zir replaces “him/her” (Zir name is Twizz.)

These are all from Roady. Me. I’m submitting things.

I know they’re you lol it was just amusing

I’m not answering the last ask I got because I wanna keep it for next time I don’t feel good I like it

I’m just gonna go to bed
Or try to
Maybe the silence will help
Not that Silence
I’m going to sleep

Is not okay and regretting lack of asks.


It’s ok I’m better than before

The asks came from

I’m just crying now and really nauseous it’s ok

comedowntheroad asked: IS there a lamp by your bed?